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Easily design your own dream experience, and Start enjoying the process step by step. You decide.


…You are on a Business trip and you want to make the most of it.

…You are a traveling soul who wants to know the world in a different, authentic and real way, beyond conventional tourism.
…You feel that the market offer is not aligned with the travel experience you want to live.
…You feel that not knowing languages ​​is a barrier and makes you insecure when traveling.
…Seek in your travels to further your knowledge, perhaps a deep change or a boost for your personal growth. After all, WHAT IS LIFE, but an ongoing trip

I am currently working on the page to make the journey easier for you.
Meanwhile, I invite you to discover (or :=) rediscover) some of the SERVICES that I am currently offering:

Tailor-Made Experiences in Madrid & Spain

Exciting theme trips are on the making for family, group trips and like minded people. Absolutely unique and made to match your personal interests.


Dream Trip Creation Advice

Hope on a Zoom Call with me
where I will spend an hour with you
To help you design & start
enjoying your Dream Trip.

You’re in good company

Instead of telling you about myself …
….Have a look at what other travelers have said before…
There are hundreds of opinions i can refer you to, here are some of then

Thatcher R


Victor did an amazing job. Would love to find another tour with him. It was educational and he was open to any questions we threw at him along the way

Excellent guide

Michele Kelowna, Canada

Thank you Victor

We had a great tour with Victor. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about history. As well as telling us about his country, he also took us to a couple of different style bars for a taste of local beer and wine which we thoroughly enjoyed. An enjoyable way to spend a few hours. Michele

Thank you Victor


This was our first trip to Spain and first time touring with a local.We enjoyed it so much with the highlight being the tapas bar.
Victor took us to the ‘upscale’ one which was ‘pretty and modern’ and catered to visitors but then he took us to one of his favorite places and it was a real ‘small neighborhood’ intimate setting that was extraordinary.We could not understand a lick of the language but being squeezed in with the local patrons was warm (literally) and felt oh-so-good. It was truly a delight and an experience that we would wish visitors to our country, U.S.A. (HAWAII) could experience, or a traveler to any country. Victor was knowledgeable,friendly,treated us as if we could be his neighbor.Will highly recommend this experience.


Victor- Best guide in Madrid!


Santa Monica

We thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour with Victor. His love of Madrid and it’s history made the tour extremely enjoyable, as well as informative. He is very easy to talk to and very warm and personable.
He connects and communicates well. We highly recommend Victor!

Victor is a great guide!

Pauline Adelaida


Our guide, Viktor, introduced us to his Madrid. I am sure we went to places that we would not have gone to in the bigger tours. We didn’t only see some of the main sites of Madrid we also went into a very old, amazingly different restaurant, tasted some very local wine and tapas and sampled some of Madrid’s local activities like the market and buying biscuits from cloistered nuns. The tour went for longer than it should have and Viktor made every effort to make this a very special experience for us. This was not just a job for Viktor. We were very glad we took this tour.

A very personal, unique experience

Deb B

Our tour with Victor was perfect! Highly recommend it. Victor`s
communication prior to the meeting was well appreciated. His knowledge of
Madrid history was extensive and we all found that the 3.5 hours flew
by. Definitely recommend stopping for tapas.
Victor, thank you for showing us your fabulous town! Deb, Jamie, Carl,
Karen, and Devon.

Getting to know Madrid

Peter S


We had a walk around Madrid with Victor. He showed us a lot of interesting sites. It is a great way to get to know a city. It was quite hot but the tour was well paced. Victor speaks good English and has an appreciation for the history of his town. Thanks Victor. I feel very happy to recommend your services.

half day walking tour of Madrid

Sean M


Victor was amazing and didn’t concern or cut short our tour due to a delay in arrival to Madrid. He showed our family all the hidden gems of Madrid and told us about the history of several interesting points around town. He also tossed in a couple food stops as well. I would definitely reach out to Victor if you are planning a trip to Madrid

Amazing trip

George G


Touring Madrid with Victor was like a member of your family was showing you around. Very informative about all the sights, and the tapas stops were awesome. Would definitely recommend and schedule another tour with Victor when in Madrid

Getting to know Madrid

Hi, I’m Victor!

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If life is the greatest journey you will ever be on…While you enjoy it …What better than travelling?

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